About the covey letter……….

Somehow you have stumbled upon the blog “thecoveyletter” where I enjoy posting my ramblings about life at sea, caring for older parents and whatever else rambles into my psyche.

I’m currently a landlocked sailor who moved ashore to try my hand at providing assistance and care to my two aging parents.   My father passed away in Feb. of 2017…it was time, his quality of life had deteriorated.  He just went to sleep.  Mom is now 98 and, though she’s slowing down, is still quite active and somewhat alert.

One of the many pluses in this new adventure of mine is the time I now have to write.  Stick around if you like…you never know what will turn up here in thecoveyletter.  Please comment on anything that strikes a note with you.  What I have tried to do here is just write randomly about stuff that is of interest to me.  Unfortunately, I sometimes go for long intervals with no input here…the muse leaves me to my own devices and that may not be such a good idea.

I welcome not only your comments but your thoughts and encouragement…and feel free to spread the word.  If you know a good publisher I’d like to hear about that for sure.  Oh yeah….if you really, really like what I have to say here you can set up to get an email each time a new post is presented.

NOTE 1:  Here it is 2021 and I’ve not written more than a sentence here in six years.  I have no reason or excuse for the silence.  The muse has left the building.  After a crazy year of viral pandemic and rampant lies by an imbecilic president perhaps this new year will bring the muse back into my world.  I hope so.

NOTE  …  In “Perils of Being Tew” you will find articles in a random order…NOT in the order intended.  Each segment is numbered so it’s best to read them in that order.

8 Responses to About the covey letter……….

  1. Margo Charterlady says:

    Bob, great job!! I so look forward to your ramblings. Also, I’ve found writing about issues to be a great catharsis….getting it all out, so to speak. Keep ’em coming. Love it!

  2. Gloria says:

    Hi Bob – love this – Something I’ve been wanting to do but probably won’t. I will love reading what you write tho. Love Gloria

  3. Gloria says:

    I also added a link on my blog to your covey letter. See on the right side of the blog under Links.

  4. Stephen Densmore says:

    Hey Bob, Good to see. My Mom is in an assisted living center in Austin with the same problems as your dad. My dad passed away about 3 yr ago and we moved mom to Austin from SA
    Dale Densmore class of 65

    • Gloria Campbell Gallagher says:

      Dale, this is Gloria Campbell Gallagher ’65. I’m keeping an address bank of Ro-Hawks and have a blog. I don’t have you on my list. Can you send your address to me. gutsking@aol.com. The blog is Randolph Ro-Hawks ….thanks (Bob, thanks for letting me post this, glo)

    • Hi Dale and thanks for commenting. Sorry for the loss of your father. This dementia thing is very sad to watch as you know. It helps to hear from others who are going through or have gone through it with loved ones. Let me know how things unfold with your mom….and good luck.

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